Teeth Whitening

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Different types of Teeth Whitening treatments we offer

Teeth Whitening comes in many forms and in Carterville Dental Center, we offer several options to give you a white, glistening and spotless smile. Some of those options are for regular teeth whitening which takes a bit of time to show clear results, and some are more drastic, which can produce results in a single short session of whitening. Then there are some technologically advanced ones, which produce great results without damaging the teeth.


Opalescence could be recommended by our dentist and it comes with a teeth whitening gel that brightens your smile. This is another teeth whitening kit that you can have the luxury of bringing home to apply on your teeth. Opalescence also consists of custom-made trays that your dentist specifically makes for you.  

Take Home Trays

Take-home trays can be used in the comfort of your home. Our dentist will provide you with a kit with instructions, or you can purchase these over-the-counter at any local pharmacy. Results are not immediate with this method but can begin to appear after a single session.


The Zoom teeth whitening kit comprises a hydrogen peroxide gel and a lamp that delivers UV light. The hydrogen peroxide gel is first applied to your teeth and the purpose of the UV light is to break down the activated gel, allowing oxygen to enter the enamel which is the visible tissue in the surface of your teeth. The oxygen then bleaches the yellow surface of your teeth, resulting in a whiter smile. ​

As you can see we offer different types of procedures If you are looking for effective and efficient teeth whitening in Carterville with high-quality standards and outstanding services, consult with our dentist at Carterville Dental Center. Not only does our dentist perform excellent teeth whitening procedures, but they also ensure that you are well taken care of and that you are fully satisfied with each treatment. Contact us today! 618-985-4200 Our team of dedicated professionals is available to answer any questions you may have.