Different types of Teeth Whitening treatments we offer

Teeth Whitening comes in many forms and if you would like to have a white, glistening and spotless smile, in Carterville Dental Center we offer several options to choose from. Some of those options are for regular teeth whitening which takes a bit of time to show clear results, and some are more drastic, which can produce results in a single short session of whitening. Then there are some technologically advanced ones, which produce great results without damaging the teeth.

Laser Teeth Whitening

Laser treatments are some of the more effective teeth whitening procedures. The bleaching gel used is activated and enhanced by the use of a laser for quick and dramatic results. In accordance with the ADA laws, our dentist utilizes hydrogen peroxide as a bleaching agent, which ranges from 25% to 40% when it comes to levels of concentration. The heat generated from the laser speeds up the process and activates the action of the bleaching gel resulting in white sparkling teeth.

Kor Teeth whitening

The Kor teeth whitening treatment makes use of the proprietary KöR Dual-Activated, Tri-Barrel™ Hydremide Peroxide formulation and a delivery system. If you prefer another option over the laser, this proprietary formulation is able to deliver great results

Zoom Teeth Whitening

The Zoom teeth whitening kit comprises a hydrogen peroxide gel and a lamp that delivers UV light. The hydrogen peroxide gel is first applied to your teeth and the purpose of the UV light is to break down the activated gel, allowing oxygen to enter the enamel which is the visible tissue in the surface of your teeth. The oxygen then bleaches the yellow surface of your teeth, resulting in a whiter smile. ​

Britesmile Teeth whitening

Our dentist at Carterville Dental Center can make your teeth shine brightly with the Britesmile Teeth whitening treatment. Similar to the Zoom teeth whitening treatment, it employs a teeth whitening gel that comprises of hydrogen peroxide.

Biolase eZlase 940

One of the advantages of this procedure is that while other lasers might increase the temperature of the oral tissue causing patients some discomfort, Biolase does not. It keeps you comfortable by producing less heat because of its 940nm wavelength that has been specially designed for dentistry. This is a state-of-the-art procedure used for teeth whitening.

Dash Teeth whitening

Dash has been rated as one of the most stable teeth whitening products in terms of quality that is very easy to use. Dash is also a teeth whitening kit. The difference is that Dash teeth whitening kit does not require a syringe and a mixing of gels. Dash uses hydrogen peroxide whitening gel, but unlike other whitening gels, it does not need to be refrigerated.

Ez white

This method of teeth whitening has claimed to whiten teeth and give you a sparkling smile in minutes. Even if you suffer from sensitive teeth, EZ White can take care of sensitive teeth and does not harm them during the whitening process. EZ White can be an option to get your teeth up to eight shades lighter.


The process also involves the use of a gel that is combined with the characteristics of a laser. This happens to be one of the most advanced in-office teeth whitening systems that are available today. Not only does Laser Smile gives the most accelerated results of a teeth whitening treatment, but also reverses the discoloration of the enamel. Getting your teeth whitened by this advanced procedure results in a great smile. Vastly whitening your teeth in just one sitting is what sets Laser Smile apart from the rest of the procedures being used today.


Opalescence could be recommended by our dentist and it comes with a teeth whitening gel that brightens your smile. This is another teeth whitening kit that you can have the luxury of bringing home to apply on your teeth. Opalescence also consists of custom-made trays that your dentist specifically makes for you.  

Venus White

This is another teeth whitening kit for you to bring home. The difference with Venus White is that its gel is available in three levels of concentrations, i.e. 16%, 22%, and 35%. Besides, the gel that comes with Venus White is mint flavored and contains potassium nitrate. Like all the teeth whitening gels, Venus White gel also needs to be refrigerated. Taking into consideration for more effective results, our dentist could recommend Venus White Pro with custom whitening trays. ​

As you can see we offer different types of procedures If you are looking for effective and efficient teeth whitening in Carterville with high-quality standards and outstanding services, consult with our dentist at Carterville Dental Center. Not only does our dentist at Carterville Dental Center perform excellent teeth whitening procedures in Carterville, they also ensure that you are well taken care of and that you are fully satisfied with each treatment. Contact us! Our team of dedicated professionals is available to answer any questions you may have.